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Photo Books 2011

Just few more weeks of 2011 and it is over. I guess it is time of the year when people create lists. And here is my “list of lists” for the photography books! While I don’t like grading and top lists, I  take these ones as a great reference to find new photo books. Take a look!

(1) Little Brown Mushroom (by Alec Soth)

(2) Le Monde: Des livres et des photos (by Maria-Karina Bojikian & Rémi Coignet)

(3) Official eyecurious Best Books of 2011 (by Marc Feustel)

(4) The Guardian  (by Sean O’Hagan)

(5) 70South (by Corey Presha)

(6) Claxton Project (by Tom Claxton)

(7) Photo-eye 

(8) PDN: Part 1 and Part 2

(9) Amazon order numbers (by Andreas Schmidt)

(10) On Almost Every Topic (by Bas Peters)

(11) Conscientious (by Joerg Colberg)

(12) Visual Influences Series (by Lauren Henkin)

(13) B*@t of 2011 (by Matt Johnston) 

(14) Donlon Books (by Conor Donlon)

(15) Best of 2011 photobooks (Marcel Du)

(16) PhotoBookStore, UK

(17) Top Photo Books 2011 (by Rob Hornsta)

(18) The New York Times (by The Photo Department)

(19) TIME LightBox

(20) 7 livres photographiques du moment (Laurence Vecten) 

(21) Another year-end book list (by Blake Andrews)

(22) Indie Photobook Library (Larissa Leclaire)

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