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Hide & Seek. Beata Szparagowska.

Hide & Seek. Beata Szparagowska (Poland).

Photographs by Beata Szparagowska
Text by Jean-Marc Bodson

Published by Le Caillou Bleu, 2011.  

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Hide & Seek by Beata Szparagowska has an intriguing cover and playful yet serious title. People covering their heads with masks, empty spaces just filled with furniture, landscape pictures, portraits of people, moments - this combination makes one think that the book actually hides more than shows. Beata Szparagowska spent 2 years at residency at L’L for emerging artists. There she became interested in young artists working on theatre performance. She used photography to explore what is happening between rehearsals, stage and every day life. What is the relationship between those worlds? Can they be really separated? Is there a border? The book is an observation of this process through photography.

The first picture in the book is of a woman walking away. She has a tattoo of a Chinese character Mu on her shin which means “not to have”, “without”, “no” and is commonly used to indicate the absence of something. And, as Jean-Marc Bodson writes in the preface “it is no longer therefore so much about knowing what the device presents, but instead what it reveals based on what it hides from us”.

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