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Sasha. Claudine Doury.

Sasha. Claudine Doury (France).

Photographs by Claudine Doury
Text by Christian Caujolle and Melanie McWhorter

Published by Le Caillou Bleu, October 2011. 

[Purchase Le Caillou Bleuphoto-eye

Sasha. A beautiful book, with calm colours and a cloud of mystery, tells a story of a girl who turns into a woman. Claudine Doury, Sasha’s mother, shares personal moments of this process. Pictures are taken over the period of three years, and don’t follow chronological order. Observations: Sasha alone in the forest, Sasha in the water, looking at a crystal ball, reflection in the mirror, Sasha with a fox. Mixed together images portray doubts of adolescence, search, fears, re-birth, transformation, freedom. Sasha is a symbolical journey of girl who experiences a marking period in her life and a mother who witnesses her daughter leaving the world of childhood. 

A beautiful book cover: a black bird on a dark green background. End papers in light green and pink colours add a little bit of melancholy. Poetic book, full of silence, dreams and memories.

Photo-eye by Colin Pantall 
A Photo Editor 

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