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Photobook Blogs.

Voilà! I put together a list of blogs/pages on photography books (in no particular order). I love all of them! If you know other blogs/tumblrs on photobooks, let me know.


The Angry Bat
The New Frame
Library of the Pinted Web
Conveyor Arts
Photobook Club Tokyo (in Japanese)
Claxton Projects
One Year of Photobooks 
Eye Curious Books  
The Book Studio
Lost in Publications 
Broken Spine
Books Are Nice!
Contemporary Japanese Photobooks
Spaces Corners
Little Brown Mushroom
On Almost Every Topic
A shimmer of books (in French)
Miedzy wierszami (in Polish) 

Word Press

who needs another photo blog
this is a photobook
(in Russian)
Propaganda Books
The Photobook 
Colin Pantall’s Blog 
The Logging Road 
Poursuite (in French)
Cuatro Cuerpos (in Spanish) 


Collector Daily
Achtung Photography
Der Grief
Faraway Eyes
on photobooks and books
(by josef chladek)
Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive
Arts & Sciences Projects
ICP Blog
The Photo Book Club
Indie Photobook Library
Claxton Project
Dutch Blog on Photobooks
Eye Curious
On Japanese Photobooks
Have a nice Book! (video)
A Photo Editor 
Shane Lavalette
The Digital Photobook
Mrs Deane
Errata Editions
Photo-eye blog
Flak Photo Books
Adam Bell
The Independent Photobook 
Rare Autumn 
Atsushi Saito Blog (in Japanese)
American Suburb X
A Japanese Book
25 books
GUP Magazine
Japan Photo
De livres and des photos (in French)
748 on Japanese Books (in French)
200 Days, 200 Photo Books (in German & English) 

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