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Photobooks 2012.

Early start this year (mid November it was)! It is a perfect time to discuss / look at the photobooks published during the last 12 months. The real value of all these lists is a possibility to discover new photobooks.

I will be listing all the lists here.  

(1) Favourite Photobooks of 2012 (by Matthew Carson, ICP LIbrary)

(2) Notable Photobooks of 2012: part 1 (by PDN Magazine)

(3) Indie Photo Books of the Year: part 1 (by Larissa Leclaire for PDN)

(4) Top 10+ books of 2012 (by Alec Soth)

(5) Top Digital Photobooks (by Martin Brink)

(6) Best Photobooks of 2012: Value Edition (by Gary Bowden)

(7) Five of my favorite photobooks (by Salva Lopez, Have A Nice Book!)

(8) Best photography books of 2012 (by Sean O’Hagan)

(9) Mrs. Deane’s years in books: a Listmas tale (by Hester Keijser)

(10) Best Photobooks of 2012 (by Atsushi Saito)

(11) The Best Books of 2012 (by 29 photographers/writers for photo-eye)

(12) Ten (or twenty) of the best photobooks of 2012 (by Shane Lavalette)

(13) The Best Photo Books Of 2012 (by American Photo Mag)

(14) Top Ten of 2012 (by propagandaphotos)

(15) Bintphotobooks selection of Notable photobooks 2012

(16) One more list of 2012 books (by Marc Prust)

(17) Top 10 Photo Books 2012 (by Bas Peters)

(18) Twelve Months, Twenty Books and a Publisher (by Tom Claxton)

(19) Photobook Listmania (by Taco Hidde Bakker)

(20) Best Books 2012 (by Eastern Trouble Press)

(21) Top 12 des livres de photos de 2012 

(22) twenty-plus reasons why I can’t give you a “top photobooks of 2012″ list (by microcord)

(23) Livres de photographie 2012 : une sélection (by Rémi Coignet)

(24) B*@t of 2012 (by Matt Johnson, The Photobook Club)

(25) Photobooks 2012 (by Sören Schuhmacher, Lost in Publications)

(26) Remembering 2012: A Photobook List (by Discipline in Disorder)

(27) Top 5 photo books of 2012 (by the photographic image)

(28) IoS Books of the Year 2012: Photography (by the Independent)

(29) Indie Photo Books of the Year: Part 2 (by Larissa Leclaire for PDN)

(30) Favourite Photobooks of 2012 (Part 2: Liz’s Favorites)

(31) Top 15 Photo Books of 2012 (by Amanda Gorence, for feature shoot)

(32) Die besten Fotobücher 2012.

(33) Best Photobooks of 2012: Niche Awards

(34) 2012 HOLIDAY BOOKS: A Few New Favorites (by Elizabeth Avedon)

(35) Entrevista con Román Yñán coeditor de Standard Books

(36) My Best Books of 2012 (by Photobookstore)

(37) Robert Stevens Favourite Photobooks 2012

(38) Under the Radar (by Blake Andrews)

(39) 10 books for 2012 (by micamera)

(40) TIME’s Best of 2012: The Photobooks We Loved

(41) Our Top 10 Photo Books of 2012 (by the 6th Floor, the New York Times)

(42) The Best Books of 2012 (by Daiki Usui)

(43) Komineks top 10 photo books 

(44) Best Photobooks 2012 (by Yoshikatsu Fujii)

(45) Favorite books from 2012 (by Shannon Michael Cane, Ex Libris)

(46) Best of 2012 (by Adam Bell)

(47) Cool & Noteworthy 2012: The best photobooks of the year (by  British Journal of Photography)

(48) My favourite photobooks in 2012 (by Joerg Colberg)

(49) Top Japanese photobooks of 2012 (by Mr. microcord)

(50) The best photography books of 2012: an alternative selection (by Sean O’Hagan)

(51) Our Favorite Photobooks of 2012 (by Dashwood Books)

(52) Rééditions 2012 : Ghirri, Goldblatt, Moriyama… (by Rémi Coignet)

(53) My five favourite photobooks of 2012 (by forest for the trees)

(54) Good Reads - 2012 (by George Slade)

(55) Bernard Yenelouis’ Favorite 10 photobooks 2012 

(56) Good Book from 2012 (by Carl Gunhouse)

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